_Fot ' _for things '


_Fot is a Japan based brand. 
At _Fot our design and manufacturing processes cross between the disciplines of interior and fashion.
We create tools for everyday life, influenced by objects, spaces and ideas.  
Each season we release a range of shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry with simple, clean designs.


Since our launch, a key motif has been the use of three primary forms - ○□ .
At _Fot our work incorporates a unique and well-balanced combination of pure materials, including leather, wood, and metals.
We have developed a collection centered on wood alongside skilled Japanese craftsmen, creating wood heel shoes and accessories.


Our signature wood heel collection is a modular product that blends elements of furniture and contemporary shoe design.
Modularity is another key principle of our design - our wood heel collection features a modular heel that allows you to customize the form, height, and material.